Water Purification

Water Purification

Water Purification
Most communities’ water supply's meet EPA Primary Drinking Water Standards. However, from the source to your tap, water can pick up contaminants not controlled by your city’s water supplier. Unwanted pollutants can accumulate as water travels through your pipes, leaving you with noticeable odor, visible particles, metallic or bad tastes. Identifying these problems can sometimes be easy, but, other times the problems are not so readily apparent.
The solution? Southern Energy Water & Air. 

As an authorized dealer of home water treatment products, from RainSoft and ClearWater, we strive to produce premium home water filtration systems that are dependable and reliable. Both producing residential water treatment products that provide families with fresh and clean water. 

With more than 900 products designed to make good water better, including water softeners, drinking water filter systems, and whole-house “problem-solving” filters, each product is also backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so if you have a problem, it will be fixed. Installing Southern Energy Water & Air Solutions mean better tasting drinking water, cleaner washing and cooking water, as well as softer, more refreshing bathing water. The advantages can be seen in almost every room in the house!

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Water and Air Purification

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